What’s Important In Your Business?

I recently wrote an e-book called the 5 Biggest Mistakes UK Business Owners Make When Growing Their Business With Infusionsoft.

The specific, Infusionsoft-related content may not be relevant to most businesses, or to you for that matter. But I was surprised that a “theme” emerged which I’m sure is applicable to anyone who runs their own business.

Three of the five mistakes I wrote about were about doing things that were both important and non-urgent.

Maybe you’ve heard of this concept before. It was popularised in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People where it is presented in the form of a matrix…

Urgent/Important Time Management Grid

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the ‘box’ which is the most critical area for success and development is the same box where most business owners struggle to spend sufficient time… number two.

This box contains the activities critical to success…

  • planning, preparation, scheduling
  • research, investigation, designing, testing
  • networking relationship building
  • thinking, creating, modelling, designing
  • systems and process development
  • anticipation and prevention
  • developing change, direction, strategy

A few weeks ago I recognised that I wasn’t spending enough time on these sorts of activities… so I made a commitment to create the habit.

To help me, I have kept a journal every day for the last 21 days. I’ve kept the same journaling structure each day, and part of the process I came up with is to think of three things I could do for my business that are both important and non-urgent. I then commit to do at least one of them that day, as well as reflect on the important/non-urgent activity I said I was going to do the day before.

Does that make sense?!

Anyway, it’s been a transforming experience… both personally and professionally. Not least of which is the fact that in a couple of days I launch a new subscription-based web application that, as I look back on my journal, I realise I started on day one of the experiment!

If I had not been focused on the important, non-urgent stuff during that time, I’m convinced we’d still be some way off from a launch-ready application.

Invest time every day to think and plan; do something important and non-urgent every day. If you can create a habit of it, you may just transform your business.

I’d almost guarantee it!

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