Praise for the NHS?

My 4 year old son was admitted to hospital a week ago.

He’s out now, and it sounds very dramatic, though we took him to A&E (ER for all American readers!) on the advice of our family doctor. Our son was sick at 6am last Friday, and didn’t manage to keep any food or drink down from then until 4:30pm the same afternoon.

He didn’t pass the fluid test in A&E (sips of water every 10 mins) so he was admitted to the children’s ward and put on a saline drip to ensure he didn’t dehydrate.

Although he continued to be sick until 4:30am the following morning (obviously quite a challenge considering he’d taken on no food or drink for close to 24hrs!), he slowly recovered over the course of Saturday… and we were able to bring him home at around 9pm on Saturday evening.

Why am I writing about this?

Quite simply because I want to praise the NHS.

It seems to get nothing but bad press, though¬†free healthcare is an absolutely incredible thing…¬†and I know that until I found myself in our little emergency situation, I completely took it for granted.

I’m sure that, as with any organisation, there are things that can be improved, but everyone we dealt with last week was caring, hard-working and totally focused on getting our little boy well, as quickly as possible.

And for that, Andrea and I can’t thank them enough.


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