By way of an introduction…

Discipline Is Freedom

So, here we are…

Another introductory blog post on another dark and dusty blog.

As I sit here in the early-morning, gas-fire warmth of my lounge, with my MacBook on my lap, a very big part of me wonders why I’m here… and whether it will actually be worth the time and effort.

My good friend, small business and internet expert Chris Green, assures me that it will.

As does another friend and business owner, Rob Thomas of WSI, who recently ran a social media strategy workshop that I attended.

And I’ve been around the Internet long enough to have heard about the benefits of blogging many times, from many different people.

So why has it taken me the 16 years since I got my first, Compuserve, email address to start my first blog?

And that is a very good question!

Now, this isn’t my first attempt at blogging.

I wrote a couple of blog posts during a brief foray and exploration into last summer.

And I wrote an article for Chris’ Small Business Unleashed blog after running the Berlin marathon last September.

I also created, and curated, Feel Good Now last year… but ran out of steam after a couple of months.

So why this blog? Now?

1. I’ve got something to say

I started my first business, a web/internet/database/software company in 1998, grew it to 8 employees over 4 years… then ran it into the ground through lack of experience, over-ambition and plain-old mistake-making.

If there’s no better education than the University of Life, I’ve got a PhD from the post-graduate college of Business Failure!

Over my 40+ years I’ve also picked up a lot of ideas, tips, tactics and strategies about what does work. And I want to pass it on.

2. I’ve got a reason to say it

With Infusionsoft, and all that goes with implementing it effectively and powerfully into a small business, I’ve finally found something that brings together a tremendous amount of my skills, experience and passion.

I have no desire to be an employer again, though I know I can build my expertise into a boutique business that supports the lifestyle decisions I’ve made with my wife, Andrea.

This blog will provide an avenue for me to communicate my expertise and attract business owners who may be looking for my help.

3. I got discipline

Maintaining a blog requires discipline.

In fact, to get effective, long-lasting results in anything that’s important to you, requires the most difficult and challenging of all disciplines…


The dictionary defines self-discipline as, “the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.”

I define it as, “doing what you say you’re going to do”.

Since January 2011 I have…

  • stopped smoking (one year today, 2 Feb!),
  • lost nearly 3 stone (42lb/19kg)
  • trained to run a marathon in under 4hrs, and, on 8 Feb 2012, will have…
  • …run at least 1 mile every day for 100 days.

And the great thing I’ve found about self-discipline is that when you get it, something happens inside you and it becomes easier to consistently do what you say you’re going to do.

So I have no doubt in my mind that this blog will be updated regularly with great content and great articles.

I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Greg Fox
    2177 days ago

    Peter, Go for it!!! Great to hear. And I’ll be right behind you as I restart my effort, also. See you in AZ in Apr I hope.

  2. Chris Green
    2177 days ago

    Proud to be the first blog commenter on this soon to be infamous blog. Take note, this will be great because Pete is a man of action. Annoyingly so at times, especially when he texts me at 7 in the morning to tell me he’s already run 5miles.