4 Words To Change Your Business Forever

Whenever I see blog titles like the above, I’m always inclined to think… “Yeah, right!”.

Because the truth is, there are no secrets, and there is no magic formula to success… in business or in life.

Do the right things; do them right; do them consistently and you’ll succeed.

If there was a magic formula, I guess that’s it!

I’ve already spoken about the ‘consistently’ bit in an earlier post.

And I suspect I’ll talk about it a lot more in the coming months and years, simply because it’s been so foundational to my success.

But this post speaks to the middle piece of the success puzzle.

Doing the right things, right.

Once you’ve figured out what you should be doing, how do you know whether you’re doing them correctly, or properly?

It’s simple…

Look at the results.

Nothing earth-shattering there. And nothing you don’t already know. I know that.

But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of what we know, from time to time.

And, although those could be the 4 words I referred to in the title… they’re not!

Here they are…





Studies have shown time and time again that the physical act of measuring improves performance and results, regardless of the activity or scenario.

Want more sales?

Measure the number of phone calls you and your team make to book appointments with decision makers.

Want more leads from your website?

Measure the visits, bounce and conversion rates.

Want to get greater productivity from your employees?

Agree with them what they’re accountable for, and measure it. Consistently.

Again… nothing earth-shattering or unknown. And it probably even sounds a bit mundane and boring.

Truly effective stuff often does!

The fact remains… you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

And if you measure it, it’ll improve.

Try it.

Pick one activity you’d like to be better at, or get better results from.

Measure it religiously for 30 days, and comment below with your results.

I look forward to hearing how you get on!

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